October 12, 2018

NEW! UFOs and the ET Presence

Just released —  the first FATE anthology on UFOs and ETs, and it’s an excellent collection of articles by experts who have contributed to FATE over the years. Kenneth Arnold talks candidly about his historic sighting of flying disks over Mt. Rainier, Washington, in 1947, an event considered to mark the start of the modern […]

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October 11, 2018

Rosemary Ellen Guiley Joins Paranormal Romance Guild Board

I’m pleased to accept a position on the board of the Paranormal Romance Guild, an organization promoting paranormal romance fiction for authors and readers. My longtime friend and colleague, Sharon Buchbinder (an award-winning romance writer) is the incoming president. My current involvement in romance fiction is fairly new with the establishment this year (2018) of […]

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October 3, 2018

The Toltec Teachings by Marcus Leader Coming in 2019

There exists an incredible body of knowledge given to the Toltec people over two thousand years ago that contains secrets of our multi-dimensional universe and the energy that binds it together. The Toltec shamans worked with this knowledge for centuries, developing powerful techniques to alter their perception and awareness, communicate with Spirit, and manipulate the […]

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October 1, 2018

New Author: Greg Lawson, “The Paranormal Detective”

Greg Lawson, “The Paranormal Detective,” has signed with Visionary Living Publishing for a book on applying detective techniques to paranormal investigation. Publication is set for March 2019. Greg has traveled to over 40 countries visiting some of Earth’s strangest sites and conducting his own investigation of their paranormal histories. He is a 26-year law enforcement […]

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