February 28, 2019

Joey Madia and Steve Ward to Author New Book on the Paranormal

Visionary Living Publishing is pleased to announce a new book deal with two powerhouses in the paranormal field, Joey Madia and Steve Ward (top and bottom in photos below). Madia and Ward will collaborate on a ground-breaking book establishing a new paradigm for the investigation and evaluation of paranormal events and phenomena. Both authors bring decades of research and study to the project. Publication is planned for 2020.

Joey Madia is an accomplished author, novelist, dramatist, screenwriter, and actor, as well as a leading paranormal investigator. With his wife, medium Tonya Madia, he co-authored Watch Out for the Hallway: Our Two-Year Investigation of the Most Haunted Library in North Carolina, published in 2018 by Visionary Living Publishing. The book raises the bar on how to conduct effective paranormal investigations.

Steve Ward is a long-time investigator and researcher in the paranormal, cryptid and UFO fields, and is host of High Strangeness Factor radio on the Paranormal UK Radio Network. He is emcee of the popular annual Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

“After working with and learning from Steve Ward for nearly a decade, the opportunity to combine his encyclopedic knowledge of the history of these fascinating fields of mystery and high strangeness with my experiences in the field and developing comprehensive investigation techniques is one I know will produce abundant insights and strategies for investigators, experiencers, and the curious,” Madia said. “Distilling thousands of hours of deep discussion and mutual investigation and exploration into this book promises to be both memorable and important.”

Said Ward, “I could not find a better writing and research partner than Joey Madia. With his background as an author and also as an experiencer of the unexplained, we are looking forward to using our combined knowledge of history and personal experience to examine the underlying connectedness of different aspects of the paranormal. A dream come true to finally put in book form a lifetime of ruminations on the mysteries of the cosmos!”

Visionary Living Publishing specializes in the paranormal, cryptid, UFO and metaphysical fields in nonfiction and fiction.