Frequently Asked Questions

What types of books does Visionary Living publish?

We publish nonfiction books on paranormal, metaphysical, and spiritual topics, and are open to any subject under these umbrellas.

Examples include ghosts and hauntings; paranormal phenomena; mysterious creatures (Sasquatch, dogmen, cryptids, etc.); UFOs and alien/entity contact; ancient aliens; psychic and intuitive abilities; mediumship; afterlife contact and studies; dreams and dreamwork; angels and spirit guides; divination (Tarot, dowsing, etc.); spiritual development; consciousness; intentionality and manifestation, and more.

Our books include informational works, self-help guides, and autobiographical experiences.

Does Visionary Living publish fiction?

We are not taking fiction at this time.

What formats do you publish?

We publish in print, ebook and audio formats. Not every book will be suited to all three. Other formats may be applicable in individual cases.

How does Visionary Living distribute books?

We distribute internationally to retail outlets through a variety of channels, among them Amazon, Ingram, New Leaf, Adventures Unlimited Press, small distributors, major ebook platforms, and Audible. We are always opening new avenues of distribution to get our works out.

Does Visionary Living accept previously published and self-published works?

Yes, and every case is evaluated on an individual basis for market potential.

How does Visionary Living advertise and promote?

We advertise to book wholesalers and retailers, and to consumers. We promote to the media as appropriate for each title. We expect authors to promote to their audiences as well.

Do you offer advances?

Visionary Living does not offer advances. We do offer authors a higher share of the profits than most traditional publishers.

How often do you pay authors?

We issue quarterly statements.

How do I submit a proposal or manuscript?

We prefer an initial submission of a proposal and sample chapter in digital format (preferably Word). Please fill out our contact form and attach your file(s). In some cases, we will prefer to see an entire manuscript for consideration.

Do you critique manuscripts?

No. We are not an editorial services house. For authors needing assistance in the composition of their manuscripts, we recommend searching for an editorial service online.