October 12, 2018

NEW! UFOs and the ET Presence

Just released —¬† the first FATE anthology on UFOs and ETs, and it’s an excellent collection of articles by experts who have contributed to FATE over the years. Kenneth Arnold talks candidly about his historic sighting of flying disks over Mt. Rainier, Washington, in 1947, an event considered to mark the start of the modern era of ufology. Other names you’ll recognize: George Adamski,¬†Jacques Vallee, John Keel, Timothy Green Beckley, Gray Barker, James Moseley, Ingo Swann, Brad Steiger, and more! Many of the articles are illustrated with the original photos and drawings that appeared in FATE. A must for collectors, ufologists, newbies to the field, researchers, and anyone who is searching for answers to the UFO mystery. Available now on Amazon and in select stores in paperback. Ebook coming soon