About Us

A message from Rosemary Ellen Guiley, president of Visionary Living, Inc.

I created and incorporated Visionary Living, Inc. as a media enterprise in 2001. My publishing division, Visionary Living Publishing was born in 2010, first with my own books, and then expanded into an independent publishing house featuring the works of other authors as well. It has grown into a thriving publishing operation, run by me with the help of a freelance staff of talented artists, editors and publishing professionals. We serve a niche market in the paranormal, body-mind-spirit and related fields, issuing new titles in print, ebook and audio formats. We are dedicated to creating high quality products in every aspect of publishing: formatting, editing, cover designs, publicity materials, and distribution.

Publishing is a fast-paced industry, and we monitor trends and advancements to take advantage of new opportunities. We appreciate your interest, and invite you to browse the site and get acquainted with our authors and titles.