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Stuart James-Foy

Stuart James-Foy is a well-respected international psychic medium, paranormal investigator and healer who works closely with the spirit world and angels. Stuart has always been aware of their presence since childhood and as he grew older he knew his life’s mission was to work alongside them.

Stuart studied with renowned medium and teacher, Glyn Edwards at the famous Arthur Findlay college in London. He has appeared on
national and international television and on radio, He also appeared on the hit TV series Come Dine with Me, casting a spell with the dinner
party guests.

Stuart’s warmth, compassion and accuracy, combined with his down-to-earth approach, has drawn clients from across the world, making
him a much sought-after psychic practitioner.

Stuart and his partner Dean James-Foy offer a wide range of spiritual and healing services, including mediumship, angel and Tarot readings; mentoring programs; paranormal investigation services; enchanted parties; Reiki, aura cleansing and other healing services; spirit circles; and classes and workshops.



Parting the Veil: How to Communicate with the Spirit World, co-authored with Dean James-Foy

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