Planet Bigfoot

Compiled and edited by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

$19.95 paperback; ebook coming

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Evidence has existed since ancient times that humans share the planet with huge, hairy beings possessing both human and ape-like physical traits. Elusive and rarely photographed, Bigfoot remains a mystery.

Delve into decades of research by the best experts in the field as they examine the evidence and encounters worldwide, illustrated with drawings and photos. Is Bigfoot an earthly physical creature or an intelligent, superior being with paranormal capabilities and a connection to UFOs? The Bigfoot trail leads in surprising directions.

“Planet Bigfoot is chock full of information, including eyewitness encounters, new evidence, paraphysical traits, and extraterrestrial connections. Rosemary has compiled an amazing collection featuring some of the most well-known cryptozoologists, investigators, authors and researchers in the world on the topic of Sasquatch. Planet Bigfoot is a phenomenal read.”

—Dave Spinks, author, West Virginia Bigfoot and The Real West Virginia Hauntings Series